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We Know Now Snowmen Exist - Big News!

One of the most exciting things to come out of 2020 was us signing a contract to have our first play produced as a company published! We Know Now Snowmen Exist premiered in 2018 at The Old Firestation, before embarking on a London run at The Space, UK, where reviewers called it "a production that proves why thrillers work so well in the theatre." and of having "a plot worthy of Inside No. 9,[that] ensures a chilling, funny and revealing evening."

It was always one of the goals for the show to have the script published so that it could be available to a wider audience, and we are thrilled that it is now available to buy from Salamander Street Publishing. Not only that, but Salamander Street also now hold the professional and amateur performance rights for the show, so we could soon see tents popping up at theatres across the country!

Visit now to order your copy today.


Five women go camping in a remote mountain range. None return.

Chloe, Hayley, Rachel, Lisa & Zoe. Each has their own reason for needing to get away. But what starts as a camping trip takes a dark turn when they start to question if they’re really alone onthe mountainside. What really awaits the girls outside the relative safety of their tent? And more importantly, do they really know who’s inside it?

Based upon the real events of the Dyatlov Pass Incident, this psychological thriller transfers the setting to the modern day, but explores the mysteries that have remained unsolved since the 1950s. Why was the tent cut open from the inside out? Why were the bodies partially dressed in each others’ clothing? And what was meant by the group’s chilling final journal entry:

‘We know now snowmen exist.’


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