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We are so excited to announce we are heading BACK to the EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL this year with two more mysteries! We will back at theSpaceUK throughout August at Theatre 1 at 17.05, bringing our unique brand of fun, frivolity and fatalities to your Edinburgh Fringe experience

And now, to reveal our mysteries...*drumroll please*....

ET TU SHAKESPEARE is no tragedy - unless your team can’t crack the cryptic code! A long-lost Shakespearean play has been discovered, however before it can be unveiled esteemed Shakespeare scholar Professor Oliver Worldsastage is found dead with 22 stab wounds in his back... But is the play the thing, or did someone have more sinister reasons to see the Professor shuffle off his mortal coil?

It’s Shakespeare meets the Da-Vinci code in our devious pun filled thriller!

ET TU SHAKESPEARE will be playing every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from August 5th-27th .

THE CURSE OF KING TUT! Cairo. 1922. At the opening of the King Tut Exhibition at Sphinx 'n' Kinks Museum curator Doug F’Treasure is found dead - his body inexplicably desiccated. But is an ancient curse really responsible, or are investigators simply in de-nile?

It’s an Agatha Christie escapade crossed with Scooby Doo style silliness in a mystery so cryptic and cunning you’ll be crying for your mummy!

THE CURSE OF KING TUT will be playing every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from August 5th-27th

To book your tickets in advance just visit:

We cant wait to see you up there Detectives!


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