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Welcome to Geezers Palace - The most prestigious hotel and casino in Las Vegas and jewel in the crown of billionaire hotelier Donald Tramp’s vast business empire. 

Here fame and fortune can be won on the flip of a card or the roll of a dice. (And lost again just as quickly...!) But a dark secret lies at the heart of Sin City, and when Tramp is found drowned in the hotel fountain it seems everyone had reason to want him dead.




Was it Colonel Helman Mayo in the Library with the Knife...?
Lady Weewilly in the Ballroom with the Pistol...?
Miss Magenta in the Kitchen with the Arsenic...?
The eight famous faces behind the board gaming phenomenon 'Cluedunnit' have gathered together to celebrate the game's 10th anniversary. But when the players take turns to drop down dead, it's appears a real killer is on the loose! Can the dice really be deciding who dies? Who is playing to win? And how can you solve a whodunnit when it appears the murders themselves are the red herrings?


It's the finale of the nation's favourite dance show Dance Fever where celebrities compete to revive their flagging careers through the magic of dance. But minutes before the show goes live its veteran presenter, Player Cardsright is found strangled with a pair of shimmer tights. With the clock ticking and the famous Sequin TapShoe Trophy up for grabs, its  up to you to solve the murder and keep this show on the road.


This is definitely a case of murder on the dance floor!




Hollywood in the 1940's. The most glamorous place on earth. Welcome to an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the Corny Brother’s Studios! It’s the height of Hollywood’s Golden Age and movie mogul Tom Corny is dead - decapitated inside an impenetrable room, his head mysteriously missing. And now, the lead actor has been shot dead in his locked trailer. Can you deduce who is headhunting in Hollywood, and shooting for the stars?


The Murder on the Orient Express - the most famous mystery ever to be solved by renowned Belgian detective Hercules Pinot. Now, ten years on, Pinot rides the train once more to celebrate his retirement. But when the detective is found shot, stabbed, strangled, beaten and drowned inside his locked compartment, it seems history may have repeated itself. But can all the passengers really be responsible or did one in particular have a locomotive for murder? A whodunnit sure to test ‘ze little grey cells’!

Murder on the Disorient Express.JPG

Pigblisters School of Magic and Mystery is home to the spell casting world's most famous bespectacled child prodigy; Gary Jotter and so is the first choice of educational establishment for all young warlocks and witches. But something sinister lies at the heart of the school, threatening the lives of pupils and teachers alike. When headmaster Grumbledum is found dead, having been seemingly sawn in half, everyone must unite to find the magical murderer before the mysterious Nethyr-Vault opens, releasing an ancient evil that could destroy the school forever!


1934. You are invited to celebrate the launch of the acclaimed author Agatha Mystery’s latest crime thriller – The Curious Croquet Corpse, the latest in a series allegedly based on the locals of Latespring Vilage.

However it seems life may be imitating art a little too closely when the celebrated writer is found dead on the lawn; but what secrets does the novel hold as to the identity of the murderer? 



The nation mourns as Britain's most celebrated secret agent James Blonde is tragically killed on a top secret mission infiltrating the mysterious BLOWFISH group. At his funeral, the largest collection of spies from around the globe gather to remember his life, or celebrate his death. But when the head of MI6 is found dead inside Blonde's coffin, with James' body nowhere to be seen, it seems the super spy may have escaped death after all. But how do you track down a murderer in a room full of assassins...?


Cairo 1922. At the grand opening of the King Tut exhibition in Sphinx’n’Kinks museum, archaeologist Doug F’Treasure has been found dead - his body completely desiccated; every trace of blood and moisture removed! But can an ancient curse really be responsible or are detectives simply in de-Nile? It’s a mystery so cryptic and cunning you’ll be crying for your Mummy!

The Curse of King Tut 1.jpg

The Great Detective Sherlock Holmes is dead! Or is he?

Nevertheless the game is afoot as Chief Inspector Scott Lanyard has been found shot, stabbed & strangled inside a locked room. Holmes has enlisted help from beyond the grave to crack the case alongside stalwart allies Mrs Hudson, brother Mycroft and Inspector Lestrade… but could the killer really be among them?

The Death of the Great Detective.jpeg

The British Bake-Out Bonanza has become the surprise TV hit of the decade. Groups of amateur bakers from all over the UK have been competing to impress the Bake-Out judges and win the coveted golden whisk. But when frontrunner Victoria Sponge is found drowned in her own cake batter, it seems someone believed she'd had her just desserts. 

The Great British Bloodbath1.jpg

Life is hard and friends are few in the old American West. In the tiny town of Tombstone a solitary sherif and his downtrodden deputy attempt to uphold the rule of law against rustlers, gunslingers, cowboys and worse. The recent discovery of gold in the Old Nugget Mine has had strangers and gold-rushers pour through Tombstone in search of fortune, but all are held to ransom by the mysterious man in black intent on finding someone worthy of a duel at dawn.

Gathered in Dirty Sally’s Saloon, the town mayor is set to announce the opening of long awaited Tombstone railroad; a much needed connection to civilisation. But when he’s instead found dead on the tracks it seems someone thought the town wasn’t big enough for the both of them...

The Good the Bad and the Dead.jpg

Autumn is coming! The seven kingdoms of Easterrachel are tentatively united under the rule of the Bronze Throne. From the North advances a seemingly unstoppable hoard of undead monsters, from the east approaches a rival queen and her offspring dragons, and from within chaos reigns as each noble house fights for supremacy...

At such times of chaos and infighting there can only be one solution; A royal wedding!

Families have gathered from across the land to attend the so called ‘Yellow Wedding’ of the brattish child King Godfrey to his future queen. But when the King is found dead; boiled in the melted bronze of his own throne, it seems everyone in the kingdom had just reason to see their ruler dead.
But whodunnit?

Game of Bones.jpg

Mysterious antiquities collector Anthony Nonomous is hosting a glamorous dinner to celebrate his gifting of the priceless Lesley Garrett Roman Opera Hat to the local museum. However, before the evening can get underway, Nonomous is found dead in the gallery with the ancient hat perched upon his lifeless head. It seems it's not only the museum which holds a secret as each of the guests seems to have something to hide...


"Twas the night before Hallows and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse..."
But something is stirring in Mystery Manor. Something sinister. Something that has driven the previous residents out of the house. A ghostly presence that doesn't approve of others setting up home on her property. There's only one thing for it - call in the TV ghost-busting team Frightly Nightly! But when the homeowner is found dead, her heart ripped from her body, can it truly be a vengeful spririt killing from beyond the grave?


Welcome to the Paradox Party - the largest collective gathering of time travellers the universe has ever seen! For one everlasting night every time traveller attends to raise a glass to old Grandfather Paradox and discuss the ever-in-flux rules of travelling in time. It’s a rare opportunity to walk amongst destiny and meet such legendary peers as the mysterious Dr What, magical Harmony Ranger, and madcap Doc Beige and Matty McFry.

But time travel is a tricky business. Sometimes things don’t seem to happen in the right order. And when the bodies of all four heroes are found dead in the future, it appears one of their past selves is a potential killer!

Time to Die.jpg


It’s curtains up on the latest production of the world’s longest running play - Agatha Mystery’s celebrated whodunnit ‘The Rattrap’. However, when the lead actress is found in her dressing room with her throat cut, it seems this more than a case of simply corpsing on stage! But who among the cast is a killer...?

Please note this is the non-seasonal variation of Happily Never After

The Matinee Murder 2.jpeg


“So we say thank you for murder, the folks we’re killing,

Thanks to all the suspects that need grilling,

Who can solve whodunnit? We ask in all honesty

What would life be?

Without a case to crack, what are we?

So we say thank you for the murder

And solving the killing spree”


World famous former Continental Song Contest winners BABA have reunited to compete again, together on stage again for the first time in decades. But when two members of the band are found garrotted in a backstage portaloo it seems someone thought they’d earned ‘Kill-Pointe.’ 


An interactive comedy Eurovision Murder Mystery!

Abbasolute Murder1.jpg

‘Dream on, dream on, of bloody deeds and death’

Richard III.

400 years after his death it seems the Great Bard still has secrets to share. Rumours have spread like wildfire that a previously unknown and unpublished play has been discovered - And a sequel, no less; ‘Lots To Do About Something!

However, mere hours before the manuscript can be authenticated, renowned Shakespearean scholar Professor Oliver Worldsastage is found dead; Stabbed 22 times in the back beside a final message written in iambic pentameter seemingly using the victim’s own blood. But is the play the thing, or did someone have other sinister reasons to want the Professor to shuffle off this mortal coil?


"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”

Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen.

Acknowledging Jane Austen as one of mankind’s most gifted writers on the subject of love and the human condition, tech developers have created the ‘Austen Algorithm’ - the key to finding the perfect partner! The new app Dating Mr Darcy is due to be launched at an Austen themed gala celebration… But moments before the app goes live, its creator is found dead - Someone has quite literally broken her heart!

But which of the Austen aficionados is a potential killer? What clues to the crime can be found within the works of the author, and just who will end up dating Mr Darcy? A murder mystery that will take all of your sense and sensibilities to solve!




A collection of the world’s leading thriller writers continue their international tour, inviting audiences to experience their unmissable masterclass ‘The Art of the Thrill’.
But at each event a dangerously obsessive fan has killed off an attendee in a series of seemingly impossible murders, intent on proving that life can be stranger than fiction.
Tonight the so called ‘Thriller Killer’ has struck again. Four bodies have been found, each with an envelope simply entitled ‘The Solution’ containing little more than nonsense.
Someone is playing a dangerous game and time is running out. But how do you solve a mystery in which the murders themselves seem to be red herrings...?



The Spinebenders Book Club is delighted to announce an exclusive opportunity to meet and greet five of the most talented and prolific authors of the modern age. Jake E Rolling; creator of Pigblisters School of Magic and Mystery, Faye Mousfive; young-crime fiction writer extraordinaire, Cliff Hanger; the leading name in twisted thrillers and Dan Kmemes; YouTube sensation turned novelist.
However, when writer Rita Books is found dead with an axe in her back, murdered by an assassin who seemingly vanished into thin air, it seems it’s not just books that can have a broken spine...


Seasonal Mysteries


“What fun it is to laugh a sing a SLAYING song tonight!”

With Christmas just around the corner the world renowned Santa’s Grotto of 34th Street Store is busier than ever delivering joy and glad tidings to all. A magical experience for all ages, the grotto packs in magical elves, adorable reindeer and, some say, the real Santa himself!

But something sinister is hiding in Santa’s sack. The store manager has gone missing and the wrapping seems suspiciously stained in red...

There’s been a Massacre on 34th Street and a Christmas killer on the loose! Is an evil elf, a ruthless reindeer or a sadistic Santa behind the murders, or is someone else hoping for a Silent Night this Christmas?



One upon a time Cinderella wished to go to the royal ball. Her magical fairy Godmother cast a spell and soon Cinderella met her handsome prince and lived happily ever after... At least that’s how everyone thinks the story goes. In fact, the enchanted land of Pantomime is a far darker realm than anyone would believe. When the Fairy Godmother is found with her throat cut - apparently slashed with a glass slipper - it seems a fairytale killer might well be on the loose and anyone in Pantoland could be a suspect! 

Please note this is the seasonal version of The Matinee Murder



Christmas Day 1843.
When world renowned businessman Sir Alan Scrooge is found dead in his parlour on a snow-covered christmas morn, you’d think there’d be no shortage of suspects who’d want to see the miserable miser murdered. But why are there only one set of tracks in the snow outside? How was Scrooge killed through an impenetrable locked door? And why has Spiritualist Charlie Dickens been seen snooping around the premises? 

Can Scrooge really have been killed by a ghost of Christmas past...?

A traditional tale retold in a uniquely Highly Suspect way. Expect frights, fatalities and frivolities!


All mysteries are created and designed by our fiendishly minded writer and are unique to Highly Suspect

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