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It's the finale of the nation's favourite dance show Dance Fever where celebrities compete to revive their flagging careers through the magic of dance. But minutes before the show goes live its veteran presenter, Player Cardsright is found strangled with a pair of shimmer tights. With the clock ticking and the famous Sequin TapShoe Trophy up for grabs, its  up to you to solve the murder and keep this show on the road.


This is definitely a case of murder on the dance floor!




The tomb is opened; the pharaoh disturbed and the curse awakened; and then the first of them dies... 

Cairo 1922. It is the opening night of the new King Tut Exhibition at Sphinx 'n' Kinks Museum, the only establishment to combine artificats celebrating ancient Egypt and erotica- a niche market we're sure you'll agree! But someone has been found dead, his body completely desiccated; every trace of blood and moisture had been removed.

What manner of devilry is at work here? Is the Curse of the Pharaoh’s Tomb coming true? Or is this merely theft and murder dressed up in folklore. Can you survive the curse and solve this the evenings mysterious events?



The British Bake-Out Bonanza has become the surprise TV hit of the decade. Groups of amateur bakers from all over the UK have been competing to impress the Bake-Out judges and win the coveted golden whisk. But when frontrunner Victoria Sponge is found drowned in her own cake batter, it seems someone believed she'd had her just desserts. 


Hollywood in the 1940's. The most glamorous place on earth. Corny Brothers studios is delighted to open its doors for exclusive backstage tours, allowing a fascinating peek behind the scenes into how the movies are made. Meet with the stars of the next Hollywood hit and enjoy a unique opportunity to chat to both the writer and director of thespectacular Gone with the Wind sequel; Back with the Breeze.

**Please note : Since the death of star Mark Cable who was mysteriously found shot in his locked trailer, places on Corny Brothers Studio Tours are extremely limited. Studio bosses Tom and Jerry Corny are prepared to offer a substantial reward if any participant is able to offer a solution to his seemingly inexplicable murder...**


It’s curtains up on the latest production of the world’s longest running play - Agatha Mystery’s celebrated whodunnit ‘The Rattrap’. However, when the lead actress is found in her dressing room with her throat cut, it seems this more than a case of simply corpsing on stage! But who among the cast is a killer...?


The nation mourns as Britain's most celebrated secret agent James Blonde is tragically killed on a top secret mission infiltrating the mysterious BLOWFISH group. At his funeral, the largest collection of spies from around the globe gather to remember his life, or celebrate his death. But when the head of MI6 is found dead inside Blonde's coffin, with James' body nowhere to be seen, it seems the super spy may have escaped death after all. But how do you track down a murderer in a room full of assassins...?


"...We had just lain to rest our most difficult and disturbing case of our careers to date, and brought the villanous butcher of Baker Street to justice. Celebrations were to begin in earnest when the unthinkable occured. The fate I had long feared. Sherlock Holmes, The Great Detective, is dead. Apparently killed in his bed, the door locked from the inside and no signs of forced entry. It will take a better man than I to solve this puzzle and avenge my friend." Dr John Watson.


“What fun it is to laugh a sing a SLAYING song tonight!”

With Christmas just around the corner the world renowned Santa’s Grotto of 34th Street Store is busier than ever delivering joy and glad tidings to all. A magical experience for all ages, the grotto packs in magical elves, adorable reindeer and, some say, the real Santa himself!

But something sinister is hiding in Santa’s sack. The store manager has gone missing and the wrapping seems suspiciously stained in red...

There’s been a Massacre on 34th Street and a Christmas killer on the loose! Is an evil elf, a ruthless reindeer or a sadistic Santa behind the murders, or is someone else hoping for a Silent Night this Christmas?


All mysteries are created and designed by our fiendishly minded writer and are unique to Highly Suspect.

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