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How do I solve the murder?


You will spend time in the company of the suspects as they discuss the murder and their connections to the victim, hidden within will be various cryptic clues revealed over the course of the evening for you to investigate. Additionally you will be privy to crucial evidence exhibits that could help you solve the case.


The evening culminates with an opportunity to interview the suspects individually...but remember the murderer will be lying to protect their identity, so use that information to sniff out the truth and put the killer behind bars.

How much does it cost?


Despite what your local hitman may tell you, murder doesn’t have to be expensive and our prices certainly won’t slay you. 


Every event is different and so our prices are negotiated individually, with the main considerations being number of participants, duration, location and date.



Am I a suspect?
Might I get murdered?


Our actors play the suspects leaving you free to  play detective.


And don't worry, we only murder folk who perhaps had it coming. So unless you're a person of dubious repute you should be safe. SHOULD BE. After all there's a killer on the loose, who knows what could happen?

Do I have to join in?


All of our murders are highly interactive and you are given the opportunity to cross reference all of the suspects, but if you’d rather stay in the shadows and ponder quietly that’s perfectly acceptable too!

If you have any more questions and want to know more about HIGHLY SUSPECT, just send us an email or get in touch via our CONTACT US page.

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