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Et Tu Shakespeare. Suspects and sleuths at The National Centre for the Written Word, South Shields, March 2017.



HIGHLY SUSPECT is Cumbria’s Premiere Murder Mystery Event Company, experts in creating deadly, exciting and hilarious evenings for parties, special occasions and corporate events both on a large and small scale.


All of our mysteries are written by our professional scriptwriters, ensuring a unique evening of entertainment that you will find nowhere else, and cast using some of the most well recognized and professional actors and actresses in the county.


 We are experts in creating the perfect mystery for you to unravel, providing a unique and hilarious night where guests can put their sleuthing skills to the test.


Our mysteries are fun, tongue in cheek, highly interactive, and feature a range of eccentric characters who are likely the most suspicious suspects you’ll ever meet!


You will find us plotting our next  crime in hotels, museums, golf clubs and any location where villainy is afoot. With a range of themed mysteries on offer, from murder at a Las Vegas Casino to a bloodbath in a baking competition, we’re sure you’ll find a mystery you’ll want to solve.


Whether you are a First Class Detective or first time crime solver, Highly Suspect guarantees you an unforgettable night of fun, frivolities and fatalities!




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