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Signal Fires

Last month we were delighted to take part in the award winning Headlong Theatre's Signal Fires Project, presenting two evenings of short online interactive whodunnits for Halloween.

On October 28th and 29th audiences of individuals and small groups were invited to enter our virtual 'detective's office' where our resident super sleuth shared a tale of mystery and intrigue to be solved from the comfort of their own home - Perfect for all armchair detectives!

Each brand new mini mystery show was just five minutes in duration, and offered the audience opportunity to interrogate the detective before deducing whodunit. Designed as an intimate storytelling experience, this was a free interactive event that celebrated the intimacy of storytelling with the combined thrill of catching a killer.

We had great fun meeting our detectives virtually and in these continuing strange times it was lovely to be doing something resembling our usual mischievous work, and take part in such a brilliant national project along with other touring theatre companies. For more information on Signal Fires you can check out their website here.


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