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The Social Media Murderer

We’re not going to be out and about murdering for a little while, so in solidarity with anyone out there who’s self isolating we thought we’d try something a little different...

We've launched THE SOCIAL MEDIA MURDERER! A brand new fully interactive murder mystery which takes place across our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and which you can solve from the comfort of your own home all for free!

Starting Monday 23rd March we introduced you to the characters involved via updates/pictures/videos etc across all our social media platforms. Over the course of the first week we find out who they are and what they’re up to, before a shocking murder is committed. Over the following weeks you’ll see evidence, witness reviews, suspect interviews and more- everything you need to piece together the crime.

This is entirely immersive and fully interactive, so we look forward to seeing your theories and responding to queries as the crime unfolds.

Again, please share far and wide and invite your friends to join us for some self isolation fun frivolity and fatalities!

You can also follow all the updates via our website HERE

Please share this post, invite your friends, and make sure you’re following @HighlySuspectUk across all your social media to join us for a mystery unlike any other. Fun, frivolity and fatalities guaranteed! #SMM

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