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New Mysteries for 2019!

We are so excited to announce we have FOUR brand new mysteries for 2019! All available to book now - who will be the first to solve the new murders?!


Autumn is coming! The seven kingdoms of Easterrachel are tentatively united under the rule of the Bronze Throne. From the North advances a seemingly unstoppable hoard of undead monsters, from the east approaches a rival queen and her offspring dragons, and from within chaos reigns as each noble house fights for supremacy...

At such times of chaos and infighting there can only be one solution; A royal wedding!

Families have gathered from across the land to attend the so called ‘Yellow Wedding’ of the brattish child King Godfrey to his future queen. But when the King is found dead; boiled in the melted bronze of his own throne, it seems everyone in the kingdom had just reason to see their ruler dead.


Welcome to the Paradox Party - the largest collective gathering of time travellers the universe has ever seen! For one everlasting night every time traveller attends to raise a glass to old Grandfather Paradox and discuss the ever-in-flux rules of travelling in time. It’s a rare opportunity to walk amongst destiny and meet such legendary peers as the mysterious Dr What, magical Harmony Ranger, and madcap Doc Beige and Matty McFry.

But time travel is a tricky business. Sometimes things don’t seem to happen in the right order. And when the bodies of all four heroes are found dead in the future, it appears one of their past selves is a potential killer!


Life is hard and friends are few in the old American West. In the tiny town of Tombstone a solitary sherif and his downtrodden deputy attempt to uphold the rule of law against rustlers, gunslingers, cowboys and worse. The recent discovery of gold in the Old Nugget Mine has had strangers and gold-rushers pour through Tombstone in search of fortune, but all are held to ransom by the mysterious man in black intent on finding someone worthy of a duel at dawn.

Gathered in Dirty Sally’s Saloon, the town mayor is set to announce the opening of long awaited Tombstone railroad; a much needed connection to civilisation. But when he’s instead found dead on the tracks it seems someone thought the town wasn’t big enough for the both of them...

And we are getting in the festive spirit early with a brand new seasonal mystery for Christmas!


“What fun it is to laugh a sing a SLAYING song tonight!”

With Christmas just around the corner the world renowned Santa’s Grotto of 34th Street Store is busier than ever delivering joy and glad tidings to all. A magical experience for all ages, the grotto packs in magical elves, adorable reindeer and, some say, the real Santa himself!

But something sinister is hiding in Santa’s sack. The store manager has gone missing and the wrapping seems suspiciously stained in red...

There’s been a Massacre on 34th Street and a Christmas killer on the loose! Is an evil elf, a ruthless reindeer or a sadistic Santa behind the murders, or is someone else hoping for a Silent Night this Christmas?

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