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The Art of the Thrill - winter library tour

We were thrilled to head out on tour around Northern libraries again this year with our newest commissioned mystery The Art of The Thrill! Based on the thriller genre and commissioned for the National Time TO Read Campaign, this one certainly bamboozled our detectives, with not one but four murders to solve!

A collection of the world’s leading thriller writers continue their international tour, inviting audiences to experience their unmissable masterclass ‘The Art of the Thrill’. But at each event a dangerously obsessive fan has killed off an attendee in a series of seemingly impossible murders, intent on proving that life can be stranger than fiction. Tonight the so called ‘Thriller Killer’ has struck again. Four bodies have been found, each with an envelope simply entitled ‘The Solution’ containing little more than nonsense. Someone is playing a dangerous game and time is running out. But how do you solve a mystery in which the murders themselves seem to be red herrings...?

The Art of the Thrill was our most ambitious, challenging and action packed mystery we've ever constructed. Featuring our highest bodycount, a video-linked serial killer, a miniature escape room conundrum and more twists than a helter-skelter, this is a mystery to keep even the most experienced of super sleuths guessing until the very end!

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