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Edinburgh Fringe 2018

Now that we are a week in September we can reflect on the fantastic time we had performing at our first Edinburgh Fringe Festival throughout August! We had over 100 teams of eager mystery solvers join us over our 11 day run, solving alternate mysteries 'Et Tu Shakespeare' and 'The Matinee Murder.'

Some of our favourite team names include : ‘

Richard The Third Row’

‘Taming of the Shrewlock Holmes’

‘Drop Your RozenPants’

‘An Ode To Willy’

And our two favourites:

‘Othello, Is It Me You’re Looking For?’


‘Never Was There A Tale Of More Strife,Than That Of Macbeth And His Stabby Knife’

And even though they only had an hour to solve our devious crime, we still asked them to also write a highly amusing limerick to sum up the event - these are also some of our favourites!

Team Name: Cryptic Bloodhounds Limerick: An Actress died on the stage In Edinburgh that's all the rage The murder was stunning The killer was cunning You'll find out on the last page

Team Name: Four Red Herrings Limerick: An actress died on the stage But who could solve this outrage Sherlock Holmes on the prowl Poirot's calling it foul And the killer's still on the rampage

Team Name: Puck Bottom Limerick: A Shakespearean Scholar is dead Many a play he had read He was poisoned and stabbed Like a doner kebab A more Scot's death cannot be said

These final three might not be quite limericks, but we love them so much they will forever have a place in our Hall of Fame!

Team Name: Creme Brulee Limerick: An Actress died on the stage Found she was in a state Sister or brother Who could've done it It's up to the law to decide.

Team Name: Morecambe Thimble Collectors Private Detectives Limerick: An Actress died on the stage I have pocketed her wage I hope no one suspects I can now pay my debts I will buy myself a place on a limerick writing course.

And finally, one epic poem!

Team Name: Guilty as Sin Limerick: An actress died on the stage Her cubic zirconia was all the rage It cost her her life And The Ratttrap trouble and strife Olivia's death stopped the show Alas the audience were told to go But the audience all stood their ground As murder mystery they were bound They solved the murder in a flash So off to the bar they could dash!

We had a wonderful time at the Edinburgh Fringe this year, and we will be back in 2019 with two more mysteries!

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