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Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018

BIG NEWS!! We are incredibly excited to announce that this year HIGHLY SUSPECT will be performing at the EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL! Come and join us in sunny Scotland for all of our usual mystery mayhem squeezed into an hour of murderous delight betweenn August 15th-25th. You can find us at La Vida (VENUE 113) Room 1 from 1.15pm-2.15pm, alternating daily between two of our very favourite mysteries! We'll reveal precisely which ones very soon- but we wouldn't be Highly Suspect if we didn't hide a small cryptic clue to leave you with bated breath... And best of all, you can see us for FREE! We are performing as part of the marvellous line up of the PBH Free Fringe (but if you want to put something in our donation bucket that would be super!) So spread the word, share this post, and we'll see you super sleuths in Edinburgh - after all, "There's been a murrrrderrrr!

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