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We had a great evening on Friday as we returned to Beamish Hall (our partners in creating murder and mischief in County Durham) to debut a brand new mystery - THE CURSE OF KING TUT!

We travelled back to Cairo, Egypt 1922 for the opening night of the King Tut Exhibition at Sphinx 'n' Kinks Museum - the only venue of its kind to combine ancient Egyptian artefacts and erotica - a niche market I'm sure you can agree! But shock horror, we discovered that Doctor Doug F'Treasure, noted archeologist and discoverer of King Tut's Tomb has been found dead - and even more bizarrely, his whole body has been desiccated!! But whodunnit? Was it the funder of the dig Archie Ology? Museum Owner Carrie Oncleo? Roval Archeologist Tom Raider? Noted historian and foremost knowledge on ancient curses Sara Cophagus? Or the detective himself, Inspector Noah Deer?

The super sleuths of Beamish had a great time unravelling the twists of the mystery - not to mention the mummy bandages! - and we're so excited that THE CURSE OF KING TUT is now available for booking! Unless you're too scared of curses that is.........

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