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Christmas Bookings 2017!

Want a Christmas party that goes with a bang? Looking for a different sort of event to celebrate the festive season? Then why not add a sprinkle of murder to your eggnog this year!

We are still taking bookings for Christmas 2017 and have two special seasonal mysteries just for the holiday season. Why not book HAPPILY NEVER AFTER and find out the murderous truth at the heart of Cinderella? Or A CHRISTMAS KILLING and discover just who would want to murder Sir Alan Scrooge before he announces his new apprentice?

Of course all our other mysteries are available too if you fancy a night in a Vegas casino, or being transported to the glamour of 1950s Hollywood with the cast of Back with the Breeze (sequel to Gone with the Wind)!

Don't hesitate to get in touch and book a Christmas party with a killer edge!

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