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We were thrilled to be invited to perform Wordpool's Young Adult Fiction Festival TIMEHOP on Thursday 22nd. Appearing alongside authors such as Holly Smale (author of the Geek Girl books), Alice Broadway and Kerry Drewery, we had the important task of solving the mystery of the author Rita Books!

With our suspects Jake Ayrolling, Fay Mousfive, Cliff Hanger and Dan Kmemes, all having something to hide, it took all the cunning of our literary sleuths to solve the crime, but in the end 5 teams were able to identify the killer, with one team nailing the how and why spot on!

The venue was the stunning Spanish Ballroom in the famous Winter Gardens in Blackpool, and we even had time to nip to Blackpool Tower before one of our number was clapped in irons and sent to Blackpool Dungeons for their crime, just next door.

Thanks for having us Wordpool -we hope we got all the young minds enquiring about how a fictional crime can be plotted and even more importantly - solved!

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