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A weekend of murder

We've had a busy weekend murdering around the North of England!

On Friday night we got to return to the stunning Durham Cathedral to find out if the super sleuths of Durham could solve who killed Oliver Worldsastage in ET TU SHAKESPEARE? We came across one of the most nefarious teams in all our years of murdering, as they tried to withhold discovered evidence from the other detective teams - but they were soon caught out and brought to justice, and a killer was eventually caught!

Then on Saturday night our murders-in-chief joined the Miller Hen Party for one of our 'self performed mysteries', and the bride and 13 members of her party took on the suspect roles in GARY JOTTER AND THE MAGICAL MURDER, as they tried to work out who was responsible for sawing Headmaster Grumbledum in half! With such characters as Haggard, Professor Macgargle, the Measley twins and Snako Killjoy, it was hard to decide who was the most suspect!

For more information on our 'self performed mysteries' drop us an email or get in touch via the contact sheet on the website!

With one of our teams of detectives at Durham Cathedral, 19.05.2017

Our murderers-in-chief with a most suspicious group of suspects at the Miller Hen Party 20.05.17

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