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Strictly Come Dying waltzes into the Wheatsheaf Inn at Brigsteer!

It was lovely to return to one of our first mystery locations, The Wheatsheaf Inn at Brigsteer this weekend! Two years ago we debuted DEAD LUCKY there, and this Friday it was the turn of STRICTLY COME DYING to have its debut performance!

A group of eager detectives used their little grey cells to identify the killer of Player Cardswright, the elderly host of the nation's favourite reality TV Dancing Show! And in doing so, produced some of the finest collection of limericks we have ever had! Here's a sneak peak at some of our favourite spoiler free ones!

There's been a murder on the dance floor

That's bound to affect the score.

Salsa Verde's delighted

But the show is now blighted,

They won't want it now on Channel 4!

There's been a murder on the dance floor

He's been strangled behind a locked door

What a bugger of nights

TO be strangled by tights

And to not host the show any more! The winning team LAST TANGO IN BRIGSTEER

And here is our youngest ever solo team, who saw through our dastardly deeds to help nail down the culprit! Congratulations young man, you made a fine detective!

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