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Et Tu, Shakespeare?

We are heading into the world of Shakespeare this autumn, with a specially commissioned murder mystery for the Cumbria County Libraries, which will be touring not only Cumbria, but the North of England from September-November!

Check out our home page to see when we're coming to a library near you, and join us for night of Shakespearian mystery and murder!

‘Dream on, dream on, of bloody deeds and death’

Richard III.

400 years after his death it seems the Great Bard still has secrets to share. Rumours have spread like wildfire that a previously unknown and unpublished play has been discovered - And a sequel, no less; ‘Lots To Do About Something!’

However, mere hours before the manuscript can be authenticated, renowned Shakespearian scholar Professor Oliver Worldsastage is found dead; Stabbed 23 times in the back beside a final message written in iambic pentameter seemingly using the victim’s own blood. But is the play the thing, or did someone have other sinister reasons to want the Professor to shuffle off this mortal coil?

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