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Mid year news flash!

Apologies things have been so quiet on the website front recently - but thats because we've been super busy committing some fiendish murders across the county, and planning even more for the rest of the year!

We saw in the New Year with a special debut performance of THE SPIES THE LIMIT! at Foundry 34 restaurant on New Years Eve; a fully booked restaurant of guests (or as they were deemed for the night, the greatest gathering of super spies since the MI6 Christmas Party at Casino Royale!) spent the evening trying to solve who killed James Blonde, whilst simultaneously undertaking secret spy missions with the teams on their tables!

We had so much fun doing this mystery that we did it not long after again at TULLIE HOUSE in Carlisle! With a lot of our regular sleuths in attendance, we had a fantastic night as they too tried to solve the case of the killing of the world's greatest spy!

And we've just returned from our of our most prestigious venues yet - DUHAM CATHEDRAL! Again we debuted a new mystery, CLUEDUNNIT, for the good people of Durham, and received excellent feedback from both the venue and the guests, with one group deeming us "the best mystery troupe they'd ever seen" (we didn't threaten to poison them , honest!)

We're looking ahead to the rest of 2016 now with an exciting commission and collaboration on the cards (which we just have to sit on a little longer, but we'll tell you as soon as we can eager mystery hunters!), and return visits to some of our favourite crime sites - The Wheatsheaf Inn near Kendal, Tullie House, and many more. We also have our first wedding - ( Let's hope everyone survives until the honeymoon!) as well as a few new venues on the cards- come join us at THE HALLMARK HOTEL in Carlisle for MURDER AT THE MOVIES on the 23rd July.

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