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How would you like to be immortalised forever within one of Highly Suspect's murder mysteries? (And by 'immortalised forever, we of course mean killed instantly!) We're offering one lucky competition winner the opportunity to become 'The Curious Croquet Corpse' - The dead character in Agatha Mystery's crime thriller featured in our murder mystery of the same name! Your name will be featured in extracts from the book which are used as clues and evidence pieces for our sleuths to crack the case. (Next featured on 25th July at Tullie House!) To be in with a chance of winning this exclusive opportunity to be immortalised forever, head on over to our facebook page (www.facebook.con/highlysuspectuk) simply 'like' our page and share this status before Sunday 6th July. We'll then pick a random winner and send the hit men round asap...

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